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Providing assistance on developing or enhancing tribal victim crisis advocacy programs, housing, and responses for children and youth.

Advocates working in areas of crisis response, emergency and transitional housing, and children and youth will have comprehensive, culturally centered, and victim-centered responses available for victims and their children, preventing homelessness and building resilience within children impacted by the violence.

6th Annual Tribal Governments Program Summit


We are planning the 6th Annual Tribal Governments Program Summit for 2025. We will have sessions that will cover the areas Tribal Governments grantees are working in.

Watch this space as more information evolves.

Education and Prevention

Offering support with conceptualizing culturally centered strategies for prevention and community education work.


Tribal Government Comprehensive TTA

Providing experience, problem-solving, strategies, and training to meet the challenges of addressing domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, sex trafficking, and stalking.

What We Offer

We offer a range of technical assistance for tribal government program grantees:

  • Culturally Centered Work

  • Developing Tribal Justice Responses

  • Crisis Responses to Victims

  • Education and Prevention Strategies

  • Supervised Visitation

  • Transitional Housing

  • Legal Assistance for Victims

  • Children and Youth

  • Tribal Codes and Policies

  • Missing and Murdered Relatives

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Native American Tribal Government

Tribal Justice Responses

Supporting law enforcement, prosecutors, courts, and probation in developing and enhancing their skills to strengthen the effectiveness of their work. Providing a trauma-informed approach to working with victims and holding offenders accountable. Tribes will have culturally centered and trauma-informed comprehensive local responses in their community. Prosecutors, law enforcement responders, and local Coordinated Responses will be more effective, providing responses that are centering offender accountability while enhancing safety for victims. Batterer Intervention and Supervised Visitation programs will have the support and resources they need to build and implement responses for their Tribe that are centering victim safety while monitoring and reporting offender behavior.

Customized 1:1 TA

Red Wind provides ongoing technical assistance to tribal programs and agencies customized to their specific needs. This includes developing strategies, exploring ideas, problem-solving, assisting with developing policies and protocols, and developing codes and legislation.

TA methods include:

- Distance TA via video conference or audio conference

- Onsite visits bring a TA team onsite to the tribal grantee engage in in-depth work together. Each onsite last between 2-4 days.

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Tribal Summit is an important venue for providing comprehensive access to information and resources while exploring a variety of topics to meet guaranty needs. The summit features tracks that meet the needs of varied practitioners and professionals.

Tribal Summit

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Red Wind offers virtual training and webinars for Tribal grantees. Topics cover the range of areas agencies and programs are working on addressing domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, sex trafficking, and stking.

Training Opportunities

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