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TTA is provided through a cooperative agreement with the Office on Violence against Women.


  • Tailored Assistance for Current & Potential OVW Grantees

  • Distance and In-person Support

  • Peer-to-Peer Consultations

  • On-site Visits

  • Website Resources

  • Educational Webinars (Live & Archived)

  • Fact Sheets, Manuals, & Tool Kits

What is Training & Technical Assistance (TA)?

Native American man reading a report

Red Wind OVW Tribal Technical Assistance (TTA)

Culturally centered strategies, training, and support to end violence against Native women.


OVW administers a Technical Assistance Program that provides OVW grantees, Tribal College Campuses (grantees and non-grantees), and urban Native and non-Native programs with the training, expertise, and problem-solving strategies needed to address sexual assault, domestic and dating violence, sex trafficking, and stalking among native women.

Red Wind Has Three TTA Projects:

״Remembering we have indigenous solutions to our problems, Red Wind's role is to help you be successful in your efforts.״

- Red Wind Staff

Our Job is to Help You Be Successful!

Red Wind works with OVW Tribal Government grantee programs, Tribal College Campuses (grantees and non-grantees), and to aid in the development of native/tribal specific options in your response to domestic violence, sexual violence, stalking dating violence and sex trafficking. We administer three TTA projects:

Tribal Governments Comprehensive TTA:

Developing and implementing responses to the needs of urban Native survivors, including tribal justice; education and prevention;  crisis responses for victims;  emergency shelter and transitional housing; civil legal services for victims;  responses for children and youth;  supervised visitation;  policies and codes;  and missing and murdered Indigenous people.

Tribal College & University Campus TTA

Developing and implementing holistic responses to sexual assault on Tribal College Campuses. We’ll help you build your program, enhancing campus offerings. Our team provides training and ongoing support.

Responses for Urban Natives TTA:

Developing and strengthening responses to the needs of urban Native survivors; building collaborations; and enhancing non-Native resources.

TTA Services

Additional Red Wind Programs

National Tribal Advocate Center

Offering a 40-hour, comprehensive tribal advocate program.  Using a native-specific approach to help advocates strengthen their ability to work effectively with those they serve.

A Sub-award through Cornell University: Assisting tribes in developing a coordinated community response to ensuring the safety of elders.

Hasaya Advocate Program, Colorado

Haseya helps Native victims and survivors in El Paso County, Colorado rise up from the oppressive nature of domestic and sexual violence.

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