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We think and act intentionally about what we are doing as advocates. To advocate is do more than provide services.  

We  engage in the work of ensuring that the voices of those we advocate for are being heard in many ways.  


Enhancing the Capacity of Tribal Advocates Through Training & Support

Red Wind developed the National Tribal Advocate Center to fill a void in Indian Country. Through comprehensive native-specific training we’re strengthening the capacity of tribal advocates.

We offer 40-hour training sessions designed to strengthen advocates’ ability to work effectively with those they serve. Red Wind also provides a combination of Advanced Tribal Advocate training.

Our 2023 training calendar is in the works. Check this page frequently for updates.

2023 Training Schedule for the National Tribal Advocate Center

“Tribal Advocates are the backbone of the response to end both domestic violence and sexual violence within their tribes. The work of the advocate will create the change we need in our communities.”

- Victoria Ybanez, Red Wind’s Executive Director

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