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For more detailed information about Haseya and its work in El Paso County, Colorado, please visit our website, or call (719) 600-3939 to speak with an advocate. Any contact you have with Haseya is confidential.

Grand Canyon

Advocate Support for Indigenous Survivors in Colorado



Haseya means “She Rises” in Navajo and describes the spirit of how we address violence against Indian women.

Urban native victims of domestic violence and sexual assault face unique challenges that are not always recognized by non-native advocates. The way non-native providers respond may not “fit” for native survivors, making them feel uncomfortable or put off. American Indian victims of domestic or sexual violence may also want or need to engage in traditional forms of healing, following an incident of violence. And for cultural reasons, an urban Indian victim/survivor may not want to allow law enforcement to collect evidence from them.

Our Haseya Advocate Program helps Native victims and survivors in El Paso County rise up from the oppressive nature of domestic and sexual violence.

Support for Native Victims and Survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence in El Paso County

Red Wind recognizes the challenges Native victims of violence experience, and provide a holistic, culturally appropriate response to their unique needs. We offer a variety of services and support in El Paso County, including:


  • Help identifying options and resources

  • Information and support in seeking a protection order, accessing medical care, and reporting to law enforcement

  • Women’s groups

  • Community trainings


Any contact with Haseya is confidential. Click below to speak with a confidential advocate, or visit our website.

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