How We Work

Red Wind Consulting works to offer a range of methods for supporting and enhancing your ability to conduct your work. There is no one way to do things and Red Wind recognizes that each community is unique in its own way.

Red Wind knows that tribal communities are often located in rural areas. We are very skilled at being able to work across great distances. We will work with you to determine what will be most effective in offering activities that will enhance your capacity to be successful in your work.

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Audio conferencing

Meeting facilitation

Planning your training


Long-term planning

On-site work


Consultant expertise

Red Wind can provide you with audio conferencing, one of our most economical options...

They can take the form of one-to-one or group consultations. This will offer you the opportunity to get assistance exploring complex issues and problem-solving. We can arrange time to meet with your staff, tribal programs or key community partners via audio conference.

Let's talk about what will make sense to meet your program's/community needs.

Red Wind can assist you with meeting facilitation.

Sometimes it is helpful to have someone outside of your program facilitate meetings. Red Wind is highly skilled in meeting facilitation and can help you have an in depth discussion moving though hard topics, topics that require a depth of discussion or visioning work.

Red Wind can offer you:
  • Highly skilled facilitators who can help you keep important issues on the table;
  • An ability to help people move through the hard stuff with openness;
  • A way to engage in complex topics while your lead staff can fully participate;
  • And more!

Contact Red Wind to discuss how we can help design and facilitate your meeting.

Red Wind can assist you with developing your training or conference.

Often times, tribal programs receive funding for providing a large community training or conference and yet have limited experience pulling together a training team, content and necessary details to achieve the greatest use of available resources.

Red Wind can help you by:
  • Preparing the publicity and registration materials,
  • Structuring the training to include developing topics and exercises,
  • Identifying and securing presenters/facilitators,
  • Preparing binders/materials for the conference/training event, and
  • More!

Red Wind can assist you in multiple ways to have a successful event!

Training can take many forms. Let's talk about what you are hoping to accomplish through training.

Red Wind can develop training specific to your needs utilizing our staff or consultants to bring you excellent quality training right to your community. If you are beginning a new program, we can work with new staff to replicate program activities helping to give them experience to draw from. We can design a training to help bring the community together to talk through their understanding surrounding violence against Native women and help to develop their commitment to create change in your community.

We can bring in much needed technical training on a range of topics related to domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking, organizing your community, and more.

Responsible programs engage in a range of different long-range planning. This can include developing plans for creating a new program, developing your organization, engaging in strategic planning, and more.

Red Wind is available to help you with your long-term planning. We can work with you in a range of ways. This can include in helping you think through what steps you might want to take in your efforts that you are wanting to conduct long-term planning for. We can help you by engaging with you and key staff/leaders to facilitate long range planning together.

We can work with you to review and renew the mission and vision of the organization followed by conducting a scan of the environment which looks at strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It will also examine current critical issues for the organization. Red Wind will also work with you to develop strategies and goals for your plan and prepare a written product to guide your work over the next few years.

Red Wind can provide you with references from organizations who've worked with us, if you would like to learn more about our effectiveness.

Red Wind knows that you might find it more beneficial to have face-to-face contact and can travel to your area. We can work together to identify a schedule of activities that you will find more beneficial with our visit.

We can meet with key people who have influence in your ability to accomplish your goals. We can also meet or provide training with leaders and community members. We can work with staff to their strengthen their collective ability to be successful in their efforts.

Let's begin a dialogue to plan for how Red Wind can help you move your work forward by being on-site with you.

Red Wind Consulting has the ability to assist you with developing a range of materials. We have excellent writing skills and a keen eye for visual effectiveness.

Some of the materials we can help you with include:
  • Brochures,
  • Program handbooks,
  • Manuals,
  • Annual report,
  • Charts, and
  • Other things you may think about.

We can help you with many of your writing needs. Talk to us about what you are looking for. We can show you some samples of our work and help you think about how you would like your materials to look. Together we will create a plan for developing the materials you are wanting to create or improve.

Red Wind is fortunate to have partnerships with a range of highly experienced and knowledgeable consultants. Many have experience being involved in the development of local programs and responses to end violence against indigenous women as well as offering national technical assistance and training.

We will match consultants to bring you the level of expertise you want to meet your local needs.

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