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Navigating the maze of areas that need attention as you embark on development of your organization, your web site or materials can be overwhelming. Red Wind can help you with:
  • Nonprofit and organizational development
  • Materials development
Materials Development
Red Wind can help you design your materials. This can be as simple as a brochure or as detailed as a training manual. Red Wind is highly experienced in materials development and has written and designed multiple products for such agencies as Mending the Sacred Hoop, Family Violence Prevention Fund, the Tribal Law and Policy Institute, and Praxis International to name but a few.

Often we end up with responsibilities that are not our passion nor may it be something we can actually do well. Writing is a skill that not everyone wants to do. Red Wind can help you with taking your ideas and capturing them beautifully while placing them on paper in a way that draws your intended audience into reading your important messages. Contact Red Wind to discuss your writing and design needs.
Nonprofit and Organizational Development
Red Wind can help you develop your nonprofit organization from the ground up. Starting a nonprofit organization can be somewhat overwhelming. Especially when you consider the levels of liability that can occur. It is a big undertaking and requires attention to details and thoughtful consideration of what you are creating. Red Wind can walk you through multiple aspects of developing your organization. Contact Red Wind to discuss your needs.