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Domestic Abuse Tribal Advocate Institute (DATI)
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

DATI provides 40 hours of training to build the critical framework for Tribal Domestic Violence Advocates to effectively and appropriately respond to domestic violence victims in their communities.

  • Historical Context for Violence against Native Women
  • Dynamics of Domestic Violence
  • Role of the Advocate
  • Domestic Violence and its Impact on Children
  • Teen Dating Violence
  • Dangerousness and Managing Safety
  • VAWA Protections
  • Advocate Confidentiality
  • Legal Advocacy and Civil Remedies
  • Technology Safety
  • Coordinated Community Response
  • Advocacy for Battered Women Arrested
  • Community Resources
  • Advocate Self-care

AGENDA for the training can be downloaded here.


Registration fee: $650.00
Discount for additional registrations made at the same time:
* 2ND registration $625.00
* 3RD registration $600.00
* 4TH registration $600.00

Lodging information and travel information can be found on the
N-TAC main page.

Any questions, you can contact our office at 866-599-9650 or training@red-wind.net.
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For any Office on Violence against Women (OVW) Grantee planning to use funds for their registration and travel expenses:

If you do not already have this training in your approved budget, you will need to request permission from OVW using a GAN.