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Participation Consent Notice
Webinar participation
By participating in this webinar hosted by Red Wind Consulting Inc. through the Zoom, a webinar platform, you automatically agree to authorize recording of audio and visual content presented during the live event and consent to subsequent use of the recording in the public domain. The audio and visual recording of the live webinar includes documents and materials exchanged or viewed during the live event; questions asked, and poll answers provided by you during the live event; the closed captioning transcript; and the chat box transcript. The webinar will be uploaded to Red Wind’s YouTube channel with open access to anyone accessing the video and audio content at the close of the event.
Red Wind newsletters
By participating in the webinar, training, or event and providing your email address, you automatically consent to our Red Wind Consulting Inc., program’s newsletters, “In the Wind News” for future updates to other events and general Red Wind Consulting news. You can unsubscribe at any time.
Use of personal information
Personal information provided by you at registration (first and last name; email address; zip code; organization; occupation; and accessibility requests/needs) makes up the registration roster for webinars, trainings or events. The roster from the registration will be provided to a staff member of Red Wind Consulting Inc., for storing and the data is used for grant documentation, reporting and program needs. No identifiable information is shared in reporting. Accessibility needs are collected to ensure accessibility needs are met; accessibility requests/needs are not shared with any third-party.